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About us

Prostate Awareness Australia was established for the workers and families in the Australian building construction and allied industries. PAA promotes awareness and education of prostate cancer while providing community support and assistance to affected families. Vital funds are raised by our industry partners and sponsors for PAA’s campaigns, charities and foundations to further awareness, prevention and research so men can live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Our goal is to drive change today to prevent tragedy in the future.

Why we do this

Marcus and Jimmy from PAA promote this because we have seen many good health initiatives throughout the construction industry, but none of which have addressed the potentially fatal cancer of the prostate. For not only just the man, but for the whole family structure. We see these people, day in-day out and this subject is hardly ever spoken about. Let’s change this by getting each other to get tested. Prevention of future tragedy is the reason why we are doing what we do.

This devastating cancer has the highest record of men’s deaths in Australia. The toll is greater than suicide, bigger than skin cancer and also more men die than in Australia than women do of breast cancer. This is Australia’s men’s cancer and we can save lives through PAA’s campaign.

Early detection = Prevention.

What We Do

PAA conducts programs in the form of time efficient workshops and tool box meetings on construction, civil and work sites about the prevention and detection of prostate cancer.

Topics covered during the workshops include:

  • What is prostate cancer, symptoms, risks, detection and diagnosis.
  • What are the treatments, side effects, living with it and post cancer.
  • Connecting with support groups, family care and doctor locations.
  • Prevention, nutrition and health.
  • The collation and recording of data and statistics.

PAA on Worksites

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Research & Data Analytics

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Latest News

PAA conducts timely site talks and tool box meetings on construction, civil and work sites about the prevention, detection and treatment of prostate cancer Australia wide. Our goal is to drive change now to prevent tragedy in the future.