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Awareness Talks

Our coordinators conduct timely and interactive toolbox talks, site visits and workplace workshops. We tailor health education and awareness campaigns for employees according to their terms and schedules.

It’s medical made easy. The content is centred on evidence based guidelines and Australian medical research results.

Our coordinators can be available to attend and speak at your company charity event and fundraising activities.

Our audiences often vary from more than 500 workers on a construction site down to smaller groups of 10 or more.

Topics Covered

Areas discussed include:

  • What is prostate cancer.
  • Risks, symptons and diagnosis.
  • Early detection = prevention campaign.
  • Men’s health matters.

We can specifically tailor the visit to suit the employer’s workplace and schedule.


Our message is for all employees, both men and women of all ages in all workplaces. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and its devastation impacts not only the victim. Mothers have sons to share the message with, daughters have Dads and apprentices have older work mates.

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