What We Do

PAA conducts programs in the form of time efficient workshops and tool box meetings on construction, civil and work sites about the prevention and detection of prostate cancer. We aim for men to understand what prostate cancer is by providing information and support services to them and their families to help dealing with prostate cancer.

Topics covered during the workshops include:
  • What is prostate cancer, symptoms, risks, detection and diagnosis?
  • What are the treatments, side effects, living with it and post cancer.
  • Connecting with Support groups, family care and doctor locations.
  • Prevention, nutrition and health.
  • The collation and recording of data and statistics.
Make a Date with a Mate

PAA’s campaign “make a date with a mate’ is designed for workers to band together and be proactive to prevent and / or detect early diagnosis. Members are inspired to commit to a ‘mate’ a particular date they will visit their GP for a prostate exam. As most construction workers’ shifts are long and at times unusual hours, the date suggested for the exam will be the site’s very next RDO (rostered day off ). They are encouraged to keep each other accountable as they commit to making and keeping an appointment with their GP and then reporting back the outcome through the PAA online forum.